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Pawnee Chief Newspaper -
Denis DIEKER became her husband on December 9, 1974, at Durant, Oklahoma. Mary graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma Stat University in and ...

American Institute of Wine and Food, Wichita, Inc. - Newsletter
The board agreed to remain on board for 2016, with exception of Denis Dieker, Treasurer. This slate was distributed to membership (80) by email for ...

Inmigrantes mexicanos presentan demanda al no encontrar trabajos
Sesenta y cinco trabajadores mexicanos presentaron una demanda en la que solicitan el pago...

Koch Arena stages bidding war with ‘Rockin’ the Roundhouse’...
Wichita State President John Bardo has advice for anyone bidding during silent auctions. “Bid high and often, and don’t outbid yourself,” he said Saturday at...
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