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Obituary for Roland SANSONE, (Aged www.newspapers.com › ... › Feb › 13 › Page 224

Clipping found in Hartford Courant in Hartford, Connecticut on Feb 13, Obituary for Roland SANSONE, (Aged 99) SANSONE, ...

Sansone Companies To Redevelop Las Vegas' Iconic Boulevard Mall To...

LAS VEGAS, March 19, PRNewswire/ --The Boulevard Mall, one of Las Vegas' most iconic shopping centers of the mid-1960s through 80s, will be restored to...

John's Incredible Pizza Company Starts Construction of a 60,

Founded by Roland Sansone, Sansone Companies has developed Real Estate in the Las Vegas area for the past 35 years. The property offers ...

Investor moves on from Boulevard Mall after redevelopment

Sansone Companies says it wants to let future investors take the Boulevard Mall to the next level.
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