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( Ich bin Elke Ernest)
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IFAT Schlagkräftiges Zerkleinerer-Duo von ARJESopenPR

— Vertriebsleiterin Elke Ernest führte trotz wechselhafter Wetterbedingungen das neugierige Publikum tapfer durch das Programm. › news › IFAT Schlagkraef...

ARJES turns to Volvo Penta to power latest shreddersRecycling Product News

— ... so that's what made us change,” says Elke Ernest, head of sales at ARJES. “They also impressed us with their network of support. › ...

From wood waste to biomass fuel with Volvo Penta engines and ARJES...

· Elke Ernest, head of sales for ARJES, says the OEM is keen to explore new markets in the USA: “As most of the shredder manufacturers are ...

Going from strength to strength with ARJES

Volvo Penta impresses customer ARJES with its efficient, quiet and economical engines