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The Fine Art of Basket Weaving | Ha-Shilth-Sa Newspaper
Harvesting cedar for basket weaving requires knowledge, skill, physical wellness, and to know when and where to pick, and not to over harvest in one area. It...

Fine weaving as a way of life | IADB
Lidia Chile does not consider herself to be a fancy dresser, and she certainly is not rich. Yet she would never think of leaving her house in Santo Domingo...

Girani s.r.l.: Fabrics for luxurious fashion | International Trade...
They strongly focus on small, but fine weaving factories and dyeing and printing plants that know their craft inside out. “We are one of the leading suppliers in this segment, and our customers are some of the large fashion brands, among them prominent premium brands,” points out Sales Director and Co-Owner Filippo Girani.
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