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Lyari Notes: Two women directors, from India and Pakistan, bring this...

Thirty-seven-year old Hamza Jafri is a co-founder of the Music Art and Dance (MAD) school in Karachi, Pakistan. He, for the past two years, has ...

A bitter-sweet symphony: 'Lyari Notes' - Cinema - HIP

Lyari Notes is a story of four girls who live in Lyari and taught by a rock musician, Hamza Jafri, who felt the need to promote music in the lives of ...

Lyari Notes goes to London - Cinema - HIP

“Music is nourishment for the soul.” A simple quote by singer Hamza Jafri of M.A.D School sets the whole narrative for Lyari Notes, ...
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Vorname "Hamza" (1614)
Name "Jafri" (68)