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Scientists examine a hot epoch to forecast climate future | Reuters

To figure out what is likely to happen to Earth's climate this century, scientists are looking 3 million years into the past.

Bob Battersby

Former Tory MEP with a colourful past in military intelligence who championed British trawlermen's interests

Mantelkonvektion: Kräfte aus der Tiefe formten US-Ostküste - Spektrum...

Die US-Ostküste ist nur scheinbar eine geologisch inaktive Zone. Noch in der letzten Kaltzeit hob heißes Gestein aus dem Erdmantel die Kruste und formte die ...

06 Apr Our Boys at the Front. - Trove

Harry Dowsett has been little heard of since he enlisted. He was at Singapore when war broke out, and was one of the first to leave to join King ...
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