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(#10016) Heidi COLLERAN - NO Burn Walk - Not Timed - Balmoral Burn...

Balmoral Burn (2016). Balmoral Burn (2016) /; NO Burn Walk - Not Timed /; Results /; (#10016) Heidi COLLERAN. Heidi COLLERAN (#10016) ...

Centre for Ecology and Conservation : Seminars : Heidi Colleran (Max...

Heidi Colleran (Max Planck Institute) will be giving a seminar with the title ' Cultural inheritance of foraging behaviour in birds: parids to parrots'.

3rd Annual Workshop ESLR

Welcome reception: Opening remarks from event organizers and director Richard McElreath; Icebreaker event; Keynote 1: Dr Heidi Colleran, MPI for the Science ...

Ancient DNA reveals genetic replacement despi | EurekAlert!

The study, published in Nature Ecology & Evolution and led by a multidisciplinary research team at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History,...
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