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( Ich bin Helmut Simon)
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Guardian: Scientist seen as latest 'victim' of Iceman | ScienceThe Guardian

— The fourth death was that of Helmut Simon, the German tourist who spotted the Iceman in while on a walking trip with his wife. He ...

Guardian: 'Iceman' discoverer joins his find in Alpine grave | ScienceThe Guardian

— For 13 years, mountaineer Helmut Simon had basked in the glory of his unique encounter with history. In 1991, the 67-year-old German ...

Europe | Iceman's discoverer dead in AlpsBBC

— Helmut Simon, the German who discovered an intact Bronze Age mummy in an Alps glacier, has been found dead in the Austrian Alps.

Iceman discoverer meets a chilling death

The German man who discovered the frozen corpse of a prehistoric iceman in the Alps 13 years ago is thought to have suffered a similar fate to his famous find...