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Google News: Judge throws out EmX lawsuit

[The Register-Guard] Irving Weiner, Scott Bocci, Roy Benson, James Kline, John Tokatly, Marjorie Scott, Rod Johnson, Stuart Barr, Kono Wong, John Kiefer and John Hammer. They argued that the project requires a vote of the public under Section 41 of the city charter.

Google News: Under the Hammer

[ Greensboro] - by John Hammer The Republicans led by Speaker of the House John Boehner refuse to support raising the debt limit if the deal has a tax increase. The Democrats led by leftist President Barack Hussein Obama say they won't support raising the debt limit

Proposed golf-course cell tower worries Eugene residents
[Ashland Daily Tidings] - If AT&T and John Hammer, the golf course owner who supports the proposal, are successful, the tower would be the first built in a Eugene neighborhood of mainly single-family homes. The Gordons and other area residents hired an attorney to fight the

Google News: Under the Hammer

[ Greensboro] - by John Hammer Last week when we were criticizing Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann for being careless with her facts, we carelessly had her down as representing Wisconsin. I would like to blame that on a spelling error but I don't think I can.
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