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Junior varsity: Darla Cuihinj, Anderson, Teena Hardi. Nancy Anderson, Sharl Gangestad, Tractt Hardin. Kellie Kumie. Terrl Novak, Debbie Sands. › ... › Nov › 18 › Page 27

Is the White House writing off Zika as a ‘junior varsity’ virus?

infamous “junior varsity” writeoff of ISIS back in January

Ex-Agawam junior varsity volleyball coach, charged with statutory...

Rash was charged in Westfield District Court and released on $1,000 bail, fitted with an electronic monitor, and ordered to stay out of Agawam, court records...

Iran Deal: US and Allies are the Junior Varsity (Little League?) |...

The Iran nuclear deal allows continued uranium enrichment, a bunkered centrifuge center and no snap inspections. Lucky Iran.
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