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2022 FELBE/TELBE User Workshop

... superconductivity in a two-band superconductor MgB2 driven by narrow-band THz pulses¶ 30m. Speaker: Jure Demsar (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz). › timetable

Events | Condensed-Matter Physics Seminar - BNL

Presented by Jure Demsar, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia ... In recent years numerous studies of non-equilibrium carrier dynamics in superconductors (SC) have ... › event

Program: Online spring retreat 10 March SFB TRR288

Chair: Jure Demsar. 14: :12, (7+5), A06, Yassine Agarmani: Indications for electronic ferroelectricity and glassy structural dynamics in ... › spring22

Exploring quantum solids on elementary time and HISKP

— Jure Demsar (Konstanz). In recent years we are experiencing major advancements in femtosecond time-resolved methods. › ...
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