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Don't be afraid to ask for that discount

[Globe and Mail] - Karen Reid Sidhu, from Vancouver BC, says she uses the competition's prices to get her best deals. She tells her current company that another is trying to lure her away and then asks if there are any current promotions or offers that might keep her

Google News: Resep Sehat Petenis Andi Murray, Makan 50 Porsi Sushi Tiap Hari

[Republika Online] - Dr. Karen Reid, seorang ahli gizi olahraga, yang sudah bekerja untuk UK Athletics dengan para pesaing elit di tenis, rugby dan hoki, percaya pola makan Murray harus mempertemukan kebutuhan makanan, fisik dan psikologis. Satu penelitian oleh Queen's

WIMBLEDON 2011: Andy Murray's 50 portions of sushi a day diet

[Daily Mail] - Dr Karen Reid, a leading sport nutritionist, who has worked for UK Athletics with elite competitors in tennis, rugby and hockey, believes that Murray's diet should meet all his food, physical and psychological requirements.

Sortie de MarkUs

[LinuxFr] - Initié par Karen Reid, Senior Lecturer à l'Université de Toronto (Canada), le développement de MarkUs s'est appuyé sur la contribution d'étudiants qui ont, pour beaucoup, continué à participer au projet au‐delà de leur diplôme. Aujourd'hui, MarkUs est
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