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Google News: Olympians celebrate Vancouver triumph with White House visit

[Colorado Springs Gazette] - Fleischmann returns Sunday at the St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, Fla., as well as OTC residents Kevin Collington, Sarah Haskins Kortuem

Food Label Jargon Demystified

[CBS News] - Organic chicken is chicken that has only been fed organic grains, which means that no pesticides or chemicals were used on the farm to grow the grain in the

Make an offer in Bloomfield: Garage sales OK

[Detroit Free Press] - "I believe Katie is the first person to bring this up at a meeting," City Commissioner Patricia Hardy said. The vote would allow garage sales on a trial

Google News: Air Force triathletes facing long odds at collegiate nationals

[Colorado Springs Gazette] - Olympic Training Center triathlete Sarah Haskins Kortuem took eighth Sunday at a world championship series event in Sydney. Other OTC residents – Matt
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