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( Ich bin Katrin Hinrichs)


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A horse race, of sorts, is under way - UPI Archiveswww.upi.com › Archives › › A-horse-r...

· The newspaper says Texas A&M Professor Katrin Hinrichs is leading a group of researchers nervously watching a pregnant mare carrying their ...

Die Bremer Talkshow - 3nach9 - NDRwww.ndr.de › sendungen › Die-Bremer-Talkshow,sendung

Judith Rakers und Giovanni di Lorenzo begrüßen die …ologin Katrin Hinrichs und den Schlagersänger Roland Kaiser.

AAEP Research Award to Dr. Katrin Hinrichs - EquiManagementequimanagement.com › News › Veterinary

· A veterinary graduate of University of California, Davis, in 1978, Hinrichs is the chair of the Department of Clinical Studies at the University ...

AAEP Bestows Research Award upon Renowned Theriogenologist ...aaep.org › news › aaep-bestows-research-award-upo...

· The American Association of Equine Practitioners presented the AAEP Research Award to Katrin Hinrichs, DVM, Ph.D., DACT, ...
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