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YXLON als Sponsor der WCNDT PresseBoxPresseBox

— Klaus Bavendiek wird in einem Vortrag mit dem Titel "Digital reference image catalogues and image viewing" das Fachpublikum im Pre Conference ... › pressemitteilung › boxid

Dr. Klaus Bavendiek Receives Award for Contributions to ASTM...

ASTM International Committee E07 on Nondestructive Testing has presented the Charles W. Briggs Award to Dr.-Ing. Klaus Bavendiek, director of development...

YXLON - Two days of concentrated expert know-how at YXLON

Klaus Bavendiek, Director Imaging Development at YXLON, is deputy head of the Digital Radiography subcommittee. Both subcommittees belong to the Radiographic Examination expert committee, whose deputy chairman is Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wenzel, also from YXLON and the technology scout for the entire Swiss Comet Group.

Aerospace Testing Preview

High Dynamic Radioscopy (HDR) with Digital Detectors for in motion inspection with 1% contrast sensitivity Klaus Bavendiek - Yxlon Page 1 | Page ...
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