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Nova Scotia vineyards, farms facing potentially devastating crop loss...

Temperatures in the Annapolis Valley fell to below 0 C on Sunday night and into early Monday from the high 20s on Friday.

Prairies Regional and category winners - The Globe and Mailwww.theglobeandmail.com › articl...

Lloyd Dyck. BrettYoung Seeds Limited Supplies seed and related products throughout Canada and globally. Cleantech & Environmental ...

Larry's World: IFTA President Touts Nova Scotia Industry - Fruit...

... plantings of Northern Spy, and some are grafting over to newer varieties, but overall the market is stable,” said Waterville grower Lloyd Dyck.

Международен музикален фестивал Варненско лято

Международният музикален фестивал “Варненско лято” е най-старият музикален фестивал в България и един от фестивалите с най-дългогодишна традиция в Европа....
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