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Boris Berezovsky 'found with ligature around his neck' - BBC News
An inquest into the death of Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky hears he was discovered lying on his bathroom floor with a

U.S. manufacturers delay new goods due to coronavirus › article › us-health-coronaviru...
“The result is delays, not cancellations,” said Mark Bissell, chief executive of Bissell Inc, a leading maker of vacuums and other small ...

globo: Magnata russo foi achado com uma atadura em torno do pescoço - Jornal...

Sem entrar em detalhes, o inspetor policial Mark Bissell disse na abertura da investigação nesta quinta-feira que um pedaço de um material ...

Guardian: Boris Berezovsky was found with ligature round neck, inquest told |...

Inquest hears exiled Russian oligarch could have been dead for 18 hours before his body was found
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