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Mary Lorson & Billy Cote: Piano Creeps | The Sunday Times
LORSON has such a wonderful voice that for her to make an instrumental album is akin to Ireland going to the World Cup without Roy Keane. Piano Creeps ...

Guardian: Mary Lorson and Billy Coté: Piano Creeps | Culture | The Guardian

In the guise of critics' darlings Madder Rose, Mary Lorson and Billy Coté were major players on the introspective early 1990s New York scene, ...

Eszter Balint and Mary Lorson in Brooklyn at The Owl Music Parlor
Check out Eszter Balint and Mary Lorson at The Owl Music Parlor in Brooklyn on October 07, and get detailed info for the event - tickets, photos, video...

Guardian: CD: Mary Lorson and Saint Low, Realistic | Music | The Guardian

The typical Mary Lorson song is a wistful piano ballad with introspective leanings; she adds interest with some unusual musical twists.
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