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Michael A. Meyer on the History of LBI - Leo Baeck Institutewww.lbi.org › news › moses-mendelssohn-award-mi...

Under the editing guidance of Michael Meyer and Michael Brenner, LBI published German Jewish History in Modern Times, a comprehensive history of ...

A Texas man fatally shoots intruder and then goes back to bed | CNN

A Dallas resident who fatally shot a backyard intruder and then went back to bed has been charged with …, according to police.

Corona-Lage in dieser Stadt spitzt sich zu: "Glaspalast" soll...

Einige Wochen war Versmold mit Blick auf die Zahlen Corona-Musterschüler des Kreises Gütersloh. Jetzt wird die Lage zunehmend schwerer...

Michael Meyer obituary | Register | The Times

Instead of the usual glossy magazines, visitors to Michael Meyer's London office in the 1980s were greeted by a Bauhaus spinning top, ...
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