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Family expresses their emotion and gratitude | CTV News

Edmonton police continue to investigate less than 24 hours after little Michel Petersen was run over by a vehicle in his driveway. The toddler ...

Reality Island : Woman's Gritty Life as Shepherdess on Lonely Santa...

Michel Petersen has castrated lambs with her teeth, salvaged tons of semiprecious metal by hand and lived without running water for months at a time.

Ventura Harbor Village Mural - Ventura, California

Thanks to the craftsmanship of Michel Petersen, Ventura Harbor Village is honored to display an expanding collection of outdoor ceramic murals that were ...

Lärmschutz in Baden-Württemberg: Die Lärmbilanz meldet ...

Von Michel Petersen 29. Februar :12 Uhr. Immer mehr Gemeinden in Baden-Württemberg nehmen sich des Themas Lärmschutz an. Im Südwesten ist ...
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