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The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 5 Num 804
A misleading report on Bangladesh's losing a lawsuit at an US court against Niko ... Soon after this announcement the Niko stock closed up percent or C$1.43 to ...

Niko Resources to issue C$500 million of stock - Reuters
Niko stock was off C$3.50 at C$ on the Toronto Stock Exchange. $1=$1.04 Canadian. Our Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust ...

$500M Niko stock issue to fund growth -
Niko Resources Ltd. is issuing $500 million Cdn of stock in the largest equity financing for a Canadian oil and gas producer in three years to fund expansion...

Niko stock keeps tumbling along | Calgary Herald
Buying opportunity or sign that it’s time to get out?That’s the dilemma investors face when considering Niko Resources Ltd., which has been on the...
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