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High-Tech Bilder aus dem Körper, Forum MedTech Pharma e.V.,...

Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., Als das Nobelkomitee für Physik im Jahre Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen für seine Entdeckung der nach ihm benannten Strahle…

Fusing images from different sources

Okan Ekinci, Global Director of Cardiology at Siemens Healthcare, is convinced that, ultimately, ultrasound will remain the ‘entry level’ imaging procedure for...

Unfolding new vistas for MRI, PET and PET/CT •...

The importance of cardiac imaging is increasing, but nuclear medicine procedures are by no means obsolete, observes Okan Ekinci, during our EH interview with...

Path to Personalized Healthcare Lined with Clinical Decision Support

· ... says Okan Ekinci, chief medical officer for Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions at F. Hoffmann La-Roche Ltd in Basel, Switzerland.
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