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Pakistan’s first sect-free mosque calls for end to discrimination -...
Sajjad Jafri Jul 20, :39am. Excellent effort brother Zahid, I will inshahallah visit you when ever I visit your city. I wish this is a turning ...

Canadians get a taste of home in the UAE | The National
With the opening of the first Tim Hortons coffee shop in Dubai, Canadians and others familiar with the brand line up for some favourite flavours.

Conference on "Economics of Payments IX" - Bank for International › events › eopix_1810
High-frequency analysis of financial stability. Michael Gofman (Uni of Rochester), Sajjad Jafri (Payment Canada), and James Chapman (Bank of Canada)

Tim Hortons outlet in Dubai mobbed by Canadian expats
Judging from the crowd of about 50 diners and the constant stream of customers threatening to spill out of the front door, the franchise is already poised to...
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