Sergey Miropolsky Person-Info 

( Ich bin Sergey Miropolsky)


AAEM took part in the Forum of Nuclear Industry Suppliers
— In their speeches, Sergey Miropolsky, AAEM El Dabaa Project Director, and Alexander Podkatilin, AAEM Quality Manager, described the approach ...

Venue for the IEEE International Symposium on EMC.
+ Sergey Miropolsky, + Stephan Frei and ++ Jörg Frensch. + Technische Universität Dortmund. ++ ELMOS Semiconductor AG Dortmund, Germany. › emcs_NL_Fall2010-Web

... Multilayer PCB. Sergey Miropolsky, Stefan Jahn, Frank Klotz, EM Field Solver Modelling of the Floating EUT Module Boards in Automotive EMC Test Setups ...
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