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Why I'm dreaming of a white-noise Christmas -
While Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas, atheists may wonder if there is another birth they might be able to commemorate.

Science writer Simon Singh faces £60,000 bill despite libel win | The...
Scientist and mathmetician Simon Singh pictured near his home in Richmond March 25th, For an interview piece with Tom Whipple.

Chiropractors are hiding a deadly secret
Chairman Simon Singh said: “If dentists, doctors or vets made such outrageous claims there would be a scandal.” The British Chiropractic Association said: “Chiropractors use a range of safe techniques to reduce pain and increase mobility.” “They are regulated by law and are required to adhere to strict ...

Homer Simpson's scary maths problems - BBC News
Mathematician Simon Singh celebrates an episode of The Simpsons which gives viewers a mathematical workout.
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