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EANS-News: ItN Nanovation strengthens industrial coating business ...

special coatings for industry customers working e.g. in the field of home appliances, automotive and spacecraft with perspective of own production of the future products shall be worked on. With the gained independence of ...

Leica APO televid 77 spotting scope lens scratched - Leica User ...

Re: Leica APO televid 77 spotting scope lens scratched. I do know, Ivar, that Leica uses special coatings on their camera lenses to make the front and rear element more scratch resistant. Jaap WWW.JAAPVPHOTOGRAPHY.

Cleaning lens rear element - Leica User Forum

Kodak lens solution and Kodak lens tissues remain a superior product for photographic lenses with special coatings. Since you're dealing with a very expensive lens, why not use the best products you can buy at your camera ...

Neu bei AHC Oberflächentechnik in Solingen | windmesse.de

Juli 2013, feierlich eine neue und leistungsstarke Anlage zur ... Marco Hof, der die Betriebsleitung der AHC Special Coatings GmbH in ... Marko Lietzke ist Anwendungsberater bei der AHC Oberflächentechnik GmbH in Berlin.