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Music Fraternity Mourns Mother to Maurice Kirya, Vampino -...
[Monitor] Music fans and artistes yesterday joined their colleagues Maurice Kirya, Elvis Kirya aka Vampino and Alex Kirya aka Sabasaba to mourn their mother...

About Saba Saba. Saba Saba is a Hip Hop and World Band from b'Los Angeles, California'

Kirya’s Lost Brother Appears With New Bonking Strategies :: Red Pepper
Alex Kirya an elder brother to mwoyo music singer Maurice Kirya is back into the country and has already resumed with his bonking strategies. Alex Kirya...

Maurice Kirya & Vampino’s Mum In VERY Critical Condition
Musicians Maurice Kirya, Vampino Mom Slips Into Coma today Morning - HowweBiz.UG
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