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) NORDIRLAND : Zerquetschte Finger - DER SPIEGEL

Das deutsche Nachrichten-Magazin. Die wichtigsten Themen, Meldungen und die komplette Ausgabe als E-Paper.

Since more than women in Ciudad Jurez Mexico have been...
Painted back to life: Brian Maguire's portraits of the victims of Mexico's 'feminocidio'. Artist Brian Maguire set out to paint portraits of some of the...

Brian Maguire: War Changes Its Address: The Aleppo Paintings |...
Last March, the Irish artist Brian Maguire went to Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and once home to 4m people. He went to examine the immediate aftermath of five y

Hail, Mary - TIME
She was there at the Cross. Yet Protestants seldom talk about Jesus' mother at Easter — or at most other times. But they are starting to now
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