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Zu Espei gibt es bei Yasni 12 unterschiedliche Namen.

Espei ist in der Rangreihe der häufigsten Nachnamen bei Yasni auf Platz 2404.

Bedeutung von "Espei"

Actually correct: Espey. Meaning: wet places, in the Aspens. In Bochum, first mentioned in one appliance list in 1664th The suffix "ey" is Old Saxon origin. It is often found along the Ruhr between Hagen and Duisburg in surnames or geographical names. It is striking that found in this area are many family names that go back to trees, shrubs or plants. An extensive research showed that can trace all living in Germany with support to Bochum. In Scotland and Ireland, the name Espey is also to be found. Even there, it is explained by the Aspen (Old English AESP).

(Eingesendet von Paul Espei jun. Bochum)

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