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Jobs Gärtnerei - aktuelle Stellenangebote aus dem Stellenmarkt ...
... zuverlässigen Mitarbeiter/in für unsere... Gerhard Koehres Kakteen Kakteensamen Tillandsien - Gärtner (m/w) (Gärtner/in - Zierpflanzenbau) - Jobs Gärtnerei.

How to recognize a macrogonus - Page 2 - Cactus & Succulent...
I was wondering what features can reliably recognize a macrogonus. My personal opinion is that if it did not descend from the Berlin Botanical Gardens it cant...

Lophophora varieties and forms - Cacti & Succulents - The Corroboree
Do the seeds of these produce plants which are different to williamsii, and do they do it all the time? I though that the apperance of the cactus varied...

Bromeliads in Australia - Some Latin family names.
Gerhard Koehres is a cactus seed collector and retailer, sharing a nursery with his wife Lydia who is the tillandsia guru. Again, a visit to their place is amazing, ...
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