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Alexander John Rota – Central Jersey Archives
He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Evelyn Mazza Rota; a son, Henry and his wife, Cilia, of Howell; two grandchildren; and the ...

Stories | Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles
Wilshire Rotary is proud to be

Fairy Magic | Meetup
Learn about the fairy kingdom- earth spirits, gnomes, forest fairies. Seek to understand your fairies and the different kinds of fairies in their natural...

Psychic/Tarot Readings | Meetup
Psychic/Tarot Reading Day First Saturday of the Month 1pm-4pm Angel Light Books and Gifts MLK Way Berkeley, CA Want to feel energized? Excited...

Sacred Totem Class | Meetup
Sacred Totem Class Class includes: • Ritual Ceremony • Smudging/Blessings • Guided Mediations • Contacting Animal Spirits • Discover your Animal Spirit Guides Fee: $35. Date: Saturday Oct. 21, from :30 p.m.. Instructor: Evelyn Mazza . For payment and registration please visit: ...
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