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Anschlag in Moschee: Mehr als 40 Tote in Pakistan - n-tv.de

Das Attentat galt offenbar dem früheren Innenminister Aftab Ahmed Sherpao, der bei den Wahlen für eine Partei aus dem Lager des umstrittenen Präsidenten Pervez...

Spiegel.de: Assad Power Slips in Syria as Warlords Grow More Powerful - SPIEGEL...

Bashar Assad's power over the areas of Syria under government control is slipping. Armed militias are growing stronger and the country's president can do...

Assad interview: Syria chemical attack was 'fabrication' - CNN

Even Assad's staunch ally, Russia, accepts that the deaths were caused by chemical weapons. Moscow offered the explanation that regime ...

Assad in rare admission, says Syria’s army lacks manpower | The...

In a televised speech, President Bashar Assad of Syria gave his most substantive public nod yet to the magnitude of the challenges to his government and of the...
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