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Sanborn: 'Kryptos' sculpture was 'an obsession'
— Since 1990, CIA staff members have been trying to crack the code that artist Jim Sanborn wrote into his sculpture "Kryptos," which sits ... - Sanborn: 'Kryptos' sculpture was 'an obsession' - Jun 19,...
Since 1990, CIA staff members have been trying to crack the code that artist Jim Sanborn wrote into his sculpture

Artist claims city-funded sculpture rips off his work | The Star
Jim Sanborn is considering his legal options after seeing a new Exhibition Place artwork similar to his trademark cylinders.

Guardian: Artist Jim Sanborn gives codebreakers hope to solve Kryptos CIA...

Riddle within sculpture outside HQ has baffled cryptographers for 20 years - but six-letter clue may help them decode it at last

CIA's Kryptos sculpture close to being solved
For 20 years it has sat in the grounds of the CIA headquarters in Virginia, unsolved even by the sharp-minded agents who pass it every day.

JIM SANBORN | News | Robischon Gallery Web siteRobischon Gallery
Robischon artist Jim Sanborn was recently named "The Most Interesting Man in the World" in an article published online by Flaunt Magazine.

" Kryptos " verschlüsselte Botschaften entschlüsseln - Allmystery
" Kryptos " heißt die Skulptur des Bildhauers Jim Sanborn, die vor dem CIA-Hauptquartier in Langley steht. Darauf befinden sich 4 Abschnitte mit verschlüsselten

Das FBI braucht ihre Hilfe (Seite 7) - Allmystery
Kryptos ist eine Skulptur des US-amerikanischen Bildhauers Jim Sanborn auf dem Gelände der Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia, USA.

Report IDs Systemic Problems in NM Disabilities ProgramSanta Fe Reporter
vor 2 Tagen — ... Sculptor Jim Sanborn,” which includes original electronic instruments, hardware, tools and more used at Los Alamos during the 1940s.

Memorial Art Gallery to use art of light to illuminate
Jim Sanborn's design will focus on area's history, photography

New clue to crack CIA Kryptos code revealed by sculptor
— Artist Jim Sanborn built the copper sculpture, known as Kryptos, in a courtyard at the agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in

Revealed: The CIA agent who cracked famous coded sculpture outside...
David Stein was CIA analyst who spent his lunch breaks trying to crack the code of the Langley, Virginia campus cryptographic sculpture with just paper and...