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Mexican ends Gomez's tennis run
[Trinidad News] - Gomez was TT's final hope after other local contenders Vaughn Wilson, Seve Day and Luke De Caires among others crashed out early.

Google News: Carly Fiorina and the Demon Sheep: A Baa-d Ad

[CIO] - Even worse, AT&T rolled out a dry boardroom chart and an obscure actor—quick, name a movie starring Luke Wilson—in its first ad aimed at Verizon.

Google News: Chapter Two:

[Box Office Prophets] thrill-less thriller Gossip; the Luke Wilson-Natasha Henstridge mirthless laffer Dog Park, and the ill-advised big-screen adaptation of The Mod Squad.

The Losers Set Visit: Columbus Short
[] - Luke Wilson is hilarious, Zoe's fantastic. James Marsden is, I think by far - James Marsden is gonna steal this movie. He is hilarious.
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