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Ancient skull may belong to earliest tsunami victim | CNN
An ancient skull dating back more than 6,000 years may have belonged to the earliest known human victim of a tsunami, scientists say.

Human skull thought to be 6,000 YEARS OLD could be world's earliest...
A 6,000-YEAR-old human skull discovered almost a century ago could be from the world's earliest known tsunami victim.

Ancient Papua New Guinea skull called oldest-known tsunami victim |...
A mysterious partial skull unearthed in Papua New Guinea in that once was thought to belong to an extinct human species now turns out to have another...

Guardian: Skull found in Papua New Guinea was world's 'oldest-known tsunami...

Skull fragment from coastal site believed to date from 6,000 years ago and scientists say sediments in which bone found bear hallmarks of giant wave

Aitape skull likely belongs to world's oldest tsunami victim
6,000-year-old skull could be from the world's earliest known tsunami victim. Map showing where the skull was found in Papua New Guinea, along with a photo of the skull itself. Credit: Mark Golitko. "These sediments that the Aitape skull was in have pure marine diatoms in them, which is ocean water that's ...

Violence a matter of scale, not quantity, res | EurekAlert!
Researchers at the University of Notre Dame studying violence found the larger the population of a society, the smaller its war group size, proportionally

Study reveals trade patterns for crucial subs | EurekAlert!
Shifts in exchange patterns provide a new perspective on the fall of inland Maya centers in Mesoamerica approximately 1,000 years ago. This major historical...
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