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Google News: Lynda Hirsch on Soaps -- Summary

[Creators Syndicate] - Patrick cautions Jason that there is no guarantee that he'll regain full use of his hands. After Lucky rescues her, Sam decides they cannot recapture their

Google News: Falcons go undefeated at junior rugby tourney

[Trentonian] - In the win over Bayside, Krysten Rylski and Mountenay scored for the Falcons, while in the win over North Hastings, Ali Abbott, Sabrina Provincial and

Recap: Survivor One World, Episode 11 | National Post
“This is literally the worst thing that’s happened to me in this game,” Kim says of her amazing helicopter ride and delicious free lunch. The worst thing!

Two girls attempt to eat the world's hottest chili - and are left...
The girls started to suffer physical side effects almost immediately after biting into the hot chili peppers
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