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Accessing Non-Class Property Values
Anything you mark as a class property should have a meaningful value in the object graph created when you fetch data from the database Terry Donoghue.

Pessimistic Locking
Terry Donoghue. Second Draft. © Apple Computer, Inc. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Get information on Apple products.

An unconventional spring break - UNC Gillings School of Global Public...
With the help of Terry Donoghue, physical education teacher, some UNC members painted yellow and blue Wildcat tracks, the sports teams' ...

CRREL Students/Interns Wrap-Up Summer with Symposium and Ice-Cream >...
Kimball Union Academy (KUA) Science Educator Terry Donoghue also attended the symposium. The academy is moving more and more to an ...

Donegal boxers on top against Kildare in St. John Bosco Centre
Donegal flags were waving in the St John Bosco Centre in Donegal Town on Sunday night, as Donegal boxers overcame Kildare.

Management changes at Toyota SA - CAR magazine
New appointments to the board of directors of the operating company are Marius Burger, Terry O' Donoghue, Gerry Motley and Garry Steinmetz ...
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