Torsten Reineck und Fbi Person-Info 

( Ich bin Torsten Reineck)
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CNN - FBI: Cunanan made call to find passport - July 24, 1997
Philip said the FBI would very much like to chat with the owner of the houseboat, a German national identified as Torsten Reineck, to determine if he has any connection

CNN - Cunanan: more questions than answers - July 25, 1997
Fugitive German businessman Torsten Reineck was questioned by the FBI in Las Vegas, where Reineck owns a gay health spa. Authorities said he was being cooperative.

CNN - FBI: Cunanan may have used boat as base - July 24, 1997
German authorities said the owner of the houseboat, Torsten Reineck, is a fugitive wanted on fraud charges. Wed very much like to chat with him, Philip said of Reineck.

Cunanan Discoverer Gets Reward - E! Online
Florida officials and the FBI give Fernando Carreira $45,000