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) Urban Gardening: Die Versorgung der Städte neu organisieren - DER...

Urban Gardening ist hip. Aber bringt das gemeinsame Ackern in der Stadt tatsächlich etwas für Umwelt und Gesellschaft? Eine kritische Gartenschau.

Beecher urban farmer bringing dream of organic market to life -...
Back in September, Jacky King who owns Harvesting Earth Educational Farm with his wife, Dora, decided he wanted to open an organic market in Beecher and in a...

Get That Life: How I Became an Urban Farmer and Artist
Kate Daughdrill and her neighbors turned their block into an urban farm. Now she eats what she grows and creates art with a green thumb influence.

Making a Living as an Urban Farmer | SPUR
Can you make a living selling what you grow in a city?That’s a question a number of urban farming entrepreneurs have been working to answer in the past few...

The Urban Farmer: Review - Resilience
Book Review: The Urban Farmer: growing food for profit on leased and borrowed land. Curtis Stone. New Society Publishers (266pp).
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