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Mexico arrests suspect in US agent Jaime Zapata killing - BBC › news › world-lat...
Julian Zapata Espinoza told soldiers he and other gunmen opened fire on the agent's car, thinking it belonged to a rival gang, officials said.

Zapata Espinoza mit erstklassiger Wahl (Bontrage… - › ...
Zapata Espinoza mit erstklassiger Wahl (Bontrager Cycles) '91. Mehr Fotos im Album "Bontrager Cycles (Keith Bontrager) Classic":.

Suspects held in agent's death - Philadelphia › nation_world
LinkedIn. 0. MEXICO CITY - Mexican authorities yesterday arrested two alleged ... Mora is boss of Julian Zapata Espinoza, who was arrested ... other than saying that Mora is a gang chief who gave orders to Zapata Espinoza.

Tech Report: In the thick of it; LAX – › gear › tech-r...
Photo: Zapata Espinoza. Like the annual return of the swallows to Capistrano, this is the time of year that VeloNews staff get to pump-out another edition of our ...
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